Safe Oyster Shucking Tool: End Grain Wooden Clam Shucking Board

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Solve your oyster shucking problems with ease and safety! The End Grain Oyster Shucking Wooden Board is a unique, innovative, and convenient tool designed to make the process of opening oysters easier and safer. Its thoughtful design and original structure securely hold the clam, preventing it from slipping and speeding up the shucking process.

Dimensions: Approximate size: 14" (36cm) x 10.5" (27cm) x 1.5"(4cm)

Shucking cavity: approximately 2.55" (10.5 cm) x 4.13" (6.5 cm)

Note: Due to manufacturing processes, dimensions may vary slightly by 0.4"-0.8" (1-2 cm).

How to Use:

Place the oyster in the cavity and hold it with one hand—no slipping, perfectly positioned for shucking.  Pro Tip: For added safety, secure the clam with a towel. Carefully shuck the oyster using an oyster knife.

Features and Benefits:

Versatility: Suitable for oysters of all sizes—large, medium, and small. Design: Unique structure and pattern add charm to any kitchen.

Non-slip Rubber Feet: Provide stability and reduce the risk of accidents. Juice Groove: Catches liquids, keeping your countertop clean. 

Carved Handles: Ensure a comfortable and secure grip for easy carrying.

Quality Materials: Made from high-quality ash wood, one of the hardest types of wood, ensuring durability and reliability.

Protection: Treated with professional butcher block conditioner based on beeswax to prevent deformation and drying, ensuring long-lasting use.

Antibacterial Properties: End grain boards naturally inhibit bacterial growth, offering a significant advantage over similar products made from other materials like plastic.

Eco-friendliness and Safety: Crafted from responsibly sourced, eco-friendly wood. All materials used are eco-friendly and safe, including FDA-approved waterproof wood glue. Easy Care: Easy to clean and maintain; does not absorb odors. Periodic reapplication of the protective coating is recommended to maintain the wood's integrity. Not dishwasher safe. Avoid extreme temperature changes. Dry at room temperature away from direct heat to prevent cracking.


Add a personal touch with custom laser engraving, making it a unique gift or a special addition to your kitchen. Options include engraving your name or a short text on the board in the top left corner, any corner, the side, or the back. For more complex customizations like logos or images, please contact us via email before ordering to discuss possibilities.

Why Choose Our Board:

Order our End Grain Oyster Shucking Board today and enjoy the ultimate convenience in oyster shucking. This high-quality, functional, and luxurious innovative tool will become your indispensable culinary assistant, whether for professional use or home cooking experiments.

Commitment to Quality:

Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality and functional tool. Attention to detail is given at every stage of production. Please note that wood is a natural material, and each piece is unique. Therefore, slight variations in color, size, and minor imperfections (small cracks) are acceptable and do not affect the functionality or beauty of the product.

Order Preparation and Shipping: Typically, it takes 5 to 10 business days to produce and prepare your item for shipping. Preparation time may vary. Check the cart for the most accurate timing before placing your order.

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Ukraine: 3-7 business days;

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Disclaimer: This product enhances safety but does not guarantee it. Precautionary measures should be observed while shucking oysters, and the responsibility for safety lies with the individual directly involved in the oyster shucking process.


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